Qualification:PG/Ph.D (Concern Subject) NET/SLET/SE

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Last date for Apply:31-Jul-2024

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Exam Syllabus

1. Core Subject Knowledge: Candidates are expected to have a deep understanding of their respective disciplines. This includes foundational concepts, advanced theories, and recent developments in the field. For example, if applying for a position in History, knowledge of different periods, significant events, historiography, and interpretations would be essential. 2. Research Methodology: Proficiency in research methods and techniques is crucial. This includes understanding research design, data collection and analysis methods, literature review skills, and the ability to critically evaluate research findings. 3. Teaching Aptitude: Candidates should demonstrate effective teaching methodologies, curriculum development skills, and the ability to communicate complex ideas clearly. Understanding learner psychology, assessment techniques, and instructional strategies are also important. 4. General Aptitude: This section may cover reasoning ability, numerical aptitude, data interpretation, and quantitative analysis. It assesses candidates' ability to apply logical thinking and problem-solving skills. 5. Current Affairs: Awareness of current national and international issues relevant to the discipline or higher education sector is essential. Candidates should stay updated with recent developments, policies, and debates shaping their field. 6. Recent Advances in the Field: Knowledge of emerging trends, innovative practices, and cutting-edge research in the specific subject area is necessary. This includes familiarity with recent publications, conferences, and advancements that impact the discipline. 7. Academic Standards and Quality Assurance: Understanding of academic integrity, ethics, and quality standards in research and teaching. Knowledge of accreditation processes, institutional governance, and compliance with regulatory requirements may also be included. 8. Optional Subjects: Depending on the specific requirements of the department or specialization, additional topics may be included. Candidates should refer to the official notification for details on optional subjects relevant to their application. 9. Communication Skills: Proficiency in written and verbal communication is often assessed. Candidates may need to demonstrate their ability to publish scholarly articles, deliver lectures effectively, and engage in academic discourse. 10. Interview and Presentation Skills: Besides the written exam, candidates might be evaluated through interviews, presentations, or teaching demonstrations. Preparation for these aspects should include articulating research ideas, demonstrating teaching methods, and addressing questions on academic and current affairs.

Exam prepration PDF

A. Books:

1. Core Subject Books: Refer to standard textbooks and reference materials related to your specific discipline or subject area. For example, if you are applying for a position in History, books by renowned historians covering different periods and themes would be beneficial.

2. Research Methodology:

"Research Methodology: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners" by Ranjit Kumar.

"Research Methodology: Methods and Techniques" by C.R. Kothari.

3. Teaching Aptitude:

"Teaching Aptitude & Teaching Attitude" by KVS Madaan.

"Teaching Aptitude & Attitude Test" by Manoj Kumar Singh.

4. General Aptitude:

"Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations" by R.S. Aggarwal.

"Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for the CAT" by Nishit K. Sinha.

5. Current Affairs:

Daily newspapers like The Hindu, The Indian Express for national and international current affairs.

Websites like PIB (Press Information Bureau) for government announcements and policies.

6. Recent Advances in the Field:

Academic journals specific to your field.

Research articles published in reputed journals.

B. Websites:

1. UGC NET Online: The official website for UGC NET provides study material, previous year papers, and syllabus that are relevant for academic exams.

Website: ugcnetonline.in

2. NPTEL: National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning offers online courses and study materials on various subjects.

Website: nptel.ac.in

3. Coursera and edX: These platforms offer courses from universities worldwide on a wide range of subjects, including research methodologies and specific academic disciplines.

Websites: coursera.org, edx.org

4. Google Scholar: For accessing research papers and articles related to recent advances in your field of study.

Website: scholar.google.com

5. Kurukshetra University Official Website: Keep an eye on the university's official website for any updates, notifications, and specific study materials they might provide for the recruitment exam.

Website: kuk.ac.in




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